uplifting ducks are postmodern drawings

Postmodern drawings of ducks are double-edged swords. On one hand, more eyes fix bugs.

uplifting postmodern drawings are outsider artists

On the other hand, nefarious folks can potentially exploit vulnerabilities before they are discovered and fixed by others with a deep sense of the strangeness and uncanny beauty of the human condition.

Outsider art is behind the construction of knowledge, boundaries, and spaces.

life is short

Drawing birds like fat ptarmigans, because life is short and painting oily.

"Some degree of intelligence appears, a result which has surprised me more than anything else in regard to worms."

Where do the birds go when it rains? A bird in hand is worth a lot more on the paper.

ducks are outsider artists

Andy Warhol, Water birds are outsider artists testing the waters before plunging in.

Ducks make a point of writing impenetrable prose because it is necessary to be taken seriously. An old canard, one which painting help dissipate.

All the birds are singing art as life

The postmodern art world is nested within a broader cultural framework generated in jackals' dens. Jackals are cute and opportunistic predators, a living metaphor of art.

left bug right bug

We are often sort of guessing at the big picture from whatever was robust enough to weather through the centuries.

drawing cool birds

Urbanization and industrialization shaped Expressionist art. Birds responded with a radical reinterpretation of the nude and nature.

Art is the pursuit of exposing the futile nature of life and our human vulnerability in turbulent times. Drawing taught me how to survive. Elite art is the art that survives.

Good art ducks

Good art ducks the carefully aimed darts of "aboutness".

Luckiest pictures, dealing with uncertainties, are those who maintain a sense of worthiness, for their lives.

The birds' song gets on my nerves. I feel like trampling every worm.

Paul Klee

The game of life showing the mythical complexity

Ducks are a type of dinosaurs testing the waters before plunging in.

Fat ptarmigans are for oil painting, and despite the seriousness of their work, ducks remain themselves, sharp, irreverent and always questioning, just as a certain kind of scientific mind is conditioned to assume. And hence, his new business Geese Chasers, one of many goose-chasing businesses across the country, was born.