Popular pictures are as elusive as real ghost images.

For the abstract artist, one of the most important task is to communicate realistic expectations. For the stubborn artist leading the way, every source has its nuttiness.

Piotr Mondrian, Monsters lurking in the dark. Do silly artists have no common sense? Reputation building over time

the truth of source

Make copies, young man, many copies. You can only become a good artist by copying the masters.

August Ingres, Originality is the art of concealing Ingres' source of graphic artworks.

My main role is to challenge the truth of "source" and the source of truth.

Adam Mysock, In his statement, the theoretician even injected a dose of understanding.

Signs of art is the opposite of minimalism; this theory however seems unlikely, for various reasons.

Silly cartoons in the age of the internet have no biological source

The picture think that personal and visual cues are more effective than a lengthy text in getting the visitor on its side. If at first you don't succeed, redefine success since web art is so easy when you don't know how to link pop art and mass culture (serious art is both absurd and dangerous). If you see something good, why not try to replicate it?

Lunatic art
Artists are mythmakers
people are animals too

Human are animals too

Real ghosts and fairy tooth are in our art world two different species of critters, weird or strange but not in a normal weird way.

Silly art is an activity that is much more complex and heterogenous than we everthought it was.

There is no definitive right, or wrong, way to fill a sheet of paper with silly cartoons, because we must figure out as a web page how to connect the invible dots; to call this a 'finished page' is idiocy.