Mineral violet is especially good in funny painting, all color theories are false.

Mineral violet in postmodern painting

Manganese mineral violet used to support the postmodern painting

Painting with manganese violet is an art that has paradox, and a sense of humor. Manganese violet sings an ode to the beauty and diversity in the smallest things in life.

Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF

Postmodern thoughts and ideals through Manganese violet.

Girls like pink color. Violet is purple ink kookiness, the color of postmodern playfulness.

Scientific names have magic power, color index is PV 16

PV16 is manganese violet, imperial murex purple is a mollusc.

Manganese ammonium pyrophosphate, the magical power of words

Pigment science is natural magic (Manganese ammonium pyrophosphate, the magical power of words).

Postmodern science is natural magic

Postmodernist painting has part of its intent to be funny and optimistic art thing.

Conclusion: if mineral violet couldn't make it work, few others pigments would stand a snowball's chance in hell. Manganese violet has the immediacy of life and the magic of science.