Metadata hotbed for contemporary art.

Sometimes fantasy contains more truth than reality. Technical knowledge is not enough, the fun is in the hunt (there is no cure for curiosity).

postmodern art on paper

Meditation is a science of one's inner self.

Art affords an opportunity to experience non-duality, not only in knowing and understanding one's true nature without dependency on language but also in painting without dependency on the usual, dualistic distinction between the painter and the painting. Ancient fairy tales have the quick, spontaneous quality of an outdoor sketch.

Forever optimistic imaginary creatures achieve a singular artistic plasticity, we like the mystery behind it.

mythical and dreamy drawing interpretation meaning

Drawing is not who can communicate ideas and thinking in a simple manner but about who makes the most silly pictures rather than making social statements and sentences so long that nobody read them to their end. We all love a good puzzle.

Painting can illustrate, but cannot inform.

Samuel Johnson

metafictional interpretation meaning

Art is the meaning of mysterious things. A photocopier or a camera always can do it much faster. Meaningful human drawing are trying to improve their knowledge and skill, regarding the essence of mark-making. Words are there because of meaning; get the meaning and forget the words.

mythical fragility of life

Ghosts and representational drawings share the same bed.

Contemporary drawing theory is a two-way street. Compositions encourage viewers to imagine what might lie beyond the edge of the canvas. You always expected something like a big answer to any small question, so failure of art genetics to do so could prove fatal.

Contemporary issues drawing
Dreamy life

Funny and optimistic art doesnt speak to me.

The devil is in precision and accuracy; imagination is an art steeping its mythical and dreamy state in reality.

Singular art

Funny weird art is a perfect communication medium for escaping the really that the serious art world is often boring.

People in art conform their drawings to one another without realizing it. Dont reveal signs of conformity. If you cannot be the artist, step out of the box and be more life-like, more hasardous, be the painting because serious art is not serious. The interpretation of those drawings can be ambiguous, picturing a terse statement.

Contemporary drawing lives on fiction and myths. We use social connections to overcome biological constraints: best drawings are, in general, nothing but failed representations.

"Not believing in drawing is the same as not believing in gravitation."

Thomas Hobbes

For nothing now can ever come to any good

Real fairies are never sad, because sadness against energy creating art must be feared.

People are unique.

mythical and dreamy humor

W. H. Auden, Lets make our world a better place, Human need to communicate but just often fail to talk to each others. Real life problems are complex and difficult. Its forms produce a unique language.

mythical and dreamy irony and humor

Theoretical issues help to increased formal uncertainty. Everything is gray with complexity. There’s evidence that thinking about creative solutions to problems does not affect our emotional well-being. How art common sense actually thinks? Seeking beauty in the ordinary, and capturing intimate moments, both indoors and on the streets.

amygdala activation

“Remember, you are not locked into a single axiom system. You may invent your own, whenever you wish—just use your intuition and imagination.”


Altered books should not be feared, that will be the end, and we’ll just have to wait and see. Everything has to be so curated now and there is no escape from it.

male figure dare to be wrong

Photography killed the ancient species of realist illustrations, but didn't killed drawings as representation of mental imagery. Photo are always wrong, unless they appear drawn as humor in contemporary art by an artist. When pictures don't create a consistent narrative with their viewers they loose out, leaving these viewers to dine on a stew of ambiguity.

two tail fox formalism, golden rectangle

At the end of the day, our images don't determine our fate. What happens next is anyone’s guess.