cool drawing of people

Beckett altered book, people suffer when the picture goes empty, our neurons need pictures for their living.

In today's cut throat world it's harder for mediocre pictures to retain their position.

cool drawing of people

Doodling seemed like a good idea at the time because visual people are basically either illustrators or illustrations. Weird art is a waste of time as an end-in-itself exercise, explaining why artworks should take a long time to make. Internet is full of pictures that just sits around and does nothing.

Weak pictures are not sure how solidly they can stand on their own two feet.

Art is necessary

Things are getting more complex and unpredictable.

creative altered books

Altered books were considered to be rude, ignorant or awkward.

Smart art does not involve anything complicated. Books have incorporated images into their pages since time immemorial.

"L'image" written by Samuel Beckett.

The book contains only one sentence and spans eight pages. Are pixels really real? The book transports us to other times and places and states of being. Wise pictures actually enjoy the sound of silence.

Artist's self portraits may assume that if the painting does not agree with the art critics that they can "vote with their feet" and decline participation.

Art is necessary

Art is necessary by virtue of the very proof of fairies inherent in it.