internet in art

The internet is the real work of art a period of digital image circulation and shared attention deficit.

Good art theory must smell the studio, although its language should differ from the household talk of painters and sculptors.

Rudolf Arnheim, Art and Visual perception. Good art is slow as hell, thereby continually asserting the relevance of painting in a digitally saturated world.

The internet itself is the real work of art.

Pictures used to be flat, now they pretty much have to be amazing. In our digital age, great art is small enough to fit entirely on the screen.

The goal of the internet is to imagine pictures that don't exist, and create the process that brings them to life, using graphic design playfulness. Images are imaginary, feeling underwater, or trapped in another world.

Odd birds depict the vastness of the land, sky and seascape against which the human presence in dwarfed. Graphic design without playfulness is boring.

ornithophobia is such an odd bird

Ornithophobia, because a bird in hand is worth ten displayed on the internet.

A lot of art sites say "go outside." Today I went outside and explored in some woods. How does a graph tree get on the internet? By logging in, give me the pictures that will make me happy.

we don't need to be perfect

"Tod’s paintings explore the remediation of paint in a period of digital image circulation, with its accelerating speeds of transmission and shared attention deficit."

The majority of art websites still appear buttoned-down and cleaned up.

Most of the time, life doesn't reward us for the things we do once in a while but only for the things we do consistently. The aestheticizing of The Emperor's New Clothes.

Hans Christian Andersen has written that there is no simple, standard way to answer whether or not a web page is humorous, a famously counterintuitive puzzle.

duck riddle

Graphic design without playfulness. What could be more boring? Many subjects of a meandering, ever-growing labyrinth that would encompass the past and future possess symbolic meaning that refer specifically to Japanese history and mythology.

Art is constitutive

Eyes are portals into inner worlds, open and full of mystery.

Art is constitutive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The artist determines beauty. He does not take it over.

Artist's rules of thumb were chosen with an intense intellect and instinct. Neomodern is a once cool word that was killed, like many fruitful dissatisfactions and strange art. Pictures are unique, which means they have unique problems. Knowing how one is pictured with and by the world that surrounds them.

artist determines beauty

The almost infinite possibilities of feeling offered by the written word? Takes too long to explain. A strange, remote, some said mystical land founds this incomprehensible.

Contemporary art business is a wolf in sheep's clothing that preys on naive art. Idealism is belief in the possibility of intelligent cooperation. Bad pictures are born every minute.

Studying the complex interaction between slothness, fairies and mind. To make space for contemporary art in your life, begin with thin artworks, that is works on paper.

It becomes more like a question of fact that can be proven or disproven or not proven. Because reality is created by imaginative people, it would be better to have all the internet pages filled with the unusual contemporary primitive art.

Life is fluid, pretty nonsensical from the start, and we crave for solid knowledge.

We have arrived at the juncture where art and science need new vehicles for the dissemination of humor. These new approaches will enable us to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to better serve the internet.

So the rules are a bit abstract and made to be broken.

Young leaves are not yellow, yellow is the color of young leaves.

The substance of things is understood given contemporary primitive art.

But for pictures, it's just not enough to exist. They want a representation that is meaningful and satisfying, a socially acceptable art. A theoretical attempt that has yet to find experimental support; so far there is no hint that this requirement is even close to reality.

Graphic design

Notions of high/low, avant-garde and kitsch, are obsolete. Graphic design making imaginary images a playful place to think.

Do art that take your mind away from the chaos.

For something that represents kindness the surface meaning and the underlying meaning of what is said are not the same.