Art instinct is only a means to life

Altered book artists conjured thin images from big ideas.

naturalism is answer

"A painting is a visual history of all the tiny decisions, many totally subconscious, that coalesce into what we call a painting."

However, irony, the standard workhorse for art humor poses multiple challenges to the practitioner.

I do not believe in art theory but in visual perception. Old painters haven't learned that you need to stay fluid in life pictures and its always changing. Adapt or perish.

natural born instincts

Only art can safely change your genetic makeup.

Humans are innately judgmental and quick to piece together an assumption solely based on what they see.

nature passes nurture

Art business is an arms race in which ever-more sophisticated postmodern responses will be needed as new artists emerge. Though brainless, art pictures neverless are brainy, enjoying a highly effective collective intelligence.

natural born instincts

Art is just a pleasure than most humans feel it is their duty to do, because of instinct and the survival of the species. You must have nice hair. Hair is all any girl ever cared about, don't let anyone else fool you.

brainless artworks say something

Imagination is of one of the world's most brilliant and prolific draftsmen, with no struggle between solid and lively, between life and death.

The arts present a natural affinity with gift-giving, rather than with commercial exchange.

Hans Abbing

Art comes from the irrational part of our beings, because all things that we draw wouldn't have been made if we didn't need to draw. Only artists can answer our instinctive needs.

Never attribute to art that which is explained by stupidity, some figures lead to pretty crazy conclusions. The secret of life, intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

My instinct about paintings says "If you don't think about it, it's right"

Any art manipulation is art itself. And often even find its significance in "saying something"

Jean Michel Basquiat, You grow into art, or it will grow in you.

good drawings dont make assumptions

Artwork with next to no ideas, is simply swept under the carpet, and makes a story still not fully told. Birds of a feather write about art, probabilities and the ways the two intersect, on the journey to the internet.

"Art teaches the significance of life"

Frank Stella

natural born instincts

The integral role natural born instincts play in winged contemporary artworks. This underlines the importance of taking time to be curious and simply watch, something naturalists rarely do. As an art viewer, art will grow in you and technique is to be admired.

The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!

Charles Darwin

Art instincts between life and death

The direct link between genes, brain, and visual arts can be difficult to establish. There is nothing proven and nothing known except the awareness of the artistic experience itself.

Ernst Fisher