Outsider artwork looking for primitive art

Outsider artwork looking for primitive art

Life without art is a colorless painting.

Happiness without art is a contemporary myth

Jean-Paul Sartre use the term existential to mark a radically first-person approach to history. Existentialists point to the subjective meaning that such events hold. Examples of fair use include parody, most likely to be found when the work is criticizing the original copyright image upon which it is based.

atavistic DNA artwork

Art world consider narrative painting to be atavistic. Art is a question of funny DNA and genetics.

DNA without art is useless because the creativity of alternative DNA art is inseparable from its demonstrated functionality. Life without art is useless.

What is outsider art? Life without art is useless. If contemporary art is fundamentally a serious activity, is there any room left for wacky ducks and odd-fish artist explaining why art is contagious? Primitive odd-fishes paint like their lives depends on it.

dirty art

Art for art’s sake is dirty really good art.