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Art for art’s sake is dirty really good art that revealed an aspect of nature normally kept hidden. There is a human tendency to want to assign familiarity to that which is new for us.

Folk and Self-Taught Art

"When you do something funny in a painting, you threaten to wreck the painting, make a mockery of your own work. But, that also makes it more of a challenge.""

John Currin

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happiness without sketchy people

Folk and Self-Taught Art. Jean-Paul Sartre use the term existential to mark a radically first-person approach to history. Existentialists point to the subjective meaning that such events hold. If you weren’t able to make judgments on people’s character, you might find yourself dating sketchy people. Unfettered by traditions of classical training, they define their own rules of their painterly universe, appropriating the freedom to represent things as they perceive, remember or feel them. Aesthetics taking priority over pictorial language of rhythmic marks and lines.

primitive art

What is outsider art? A practice that is inextricable from thinking about shape and form.

Life without art is useless. If contemporary art is fundamentally a serious activity, is there any room left for wacky ducks and odd-fish artist explaining why art is contagious? Odd-fishes paint like their lives depends on it.

Primitive art forcing people to confront words and images they normally avoid. Examples of fair use include parody, most likely to be found when the work is criticizing the original copyright image upon which it is based. The arguments against the reality of Neptune do not wash. The resulting drawings are formally and figuratively in flux, and morph into a different narrative for each of us.

Through its otherworldly paintings, Easel Millipede invites viewers to experience the immediacy, intimacy, and unmitigated humanity of its artistic expression.

quirky happy bunny

How can art makes the world a better place?

Art websites need to behave more like a real person and less like a faceless internet device. If art experts are uninterested in protecting the pictures, they will fend for themselves. And this is what it will look like.

Please, do not touch the art.