Every picture is a dialogue on history, memory, and the power of self-narration in the context of visual humor.

The rationale of visual conundrums is in the middle of doughnut.

Crazy art never knows which side of the canvas is the painting.

crazy self-narration

When art is not in the box, be an outsider. Whatever float your boat, they are probably too complex to be boiled down to one thing that symbolizes your ancestral inheritance. If you want to change your life, open the box.

crazy art paintings

The monumental beauty and heroic ideality of this whimsical universe with all these little subversive life models going on.

Sertorius, Corneille

It is not so hard to make things that look like crazy abstract art.

Self-narrative naturalism

Human destiny always end in a box, imbued with the promise of movement, of closure and disclosure.

Pandora opened the box, leaving only hope inside. Don't be a prisoner of the past; otherwise, you are not alive.

Bad art should not be feared.

Sarcastic humor pays attention and resists distraction

What makes a picture easy to look at? Kindness, the ability to listen, and an open mind.

Looking at paintings is never more memorable than when one looks right back at you. Borderline drawings strip away the material world in name of the need to share crazy cool drawings like this apotheosis of the human figure.

Self-narrative naturalism

Most of your art vocabulary happens unconsciously.

Crazy art is a word used to describe pictures that don't conform to the market's idea of what is normal, would not be better if Arthur Schopenhauer was left apart, "Will to Live" makes pictures happy. Feeling like being constantly watched is daily life either for borderline people or art class models.

art is not a mirror

Perfection is a myth, like the Greek myth of Atalanta.

During his childhood, Atalanta received very abstract painting instruction from Apollon himself, an antic kind of bordeline art as a reaction to the domination of art by skillfulness and business. I hope the culture of rigid seriousness goes over the waterfall to disappear down the river. The real world doesn't reward perfectionists.

Crazy art creativity

There is not a situation of stability between art and erratic art, a behavior characterized as perceiving things that don't exist is either craziness or creativity. With any lunatic art production, we define the difference in new way because the house of cards of art theory may be unstable. To make art you have to be very dedicated, or part crazy, or both.

zany snake

Naive paintings can pass through walls like ghosts and can see farther being painted by weirdo pillbugs. Art websites must speak the visitors language. It's not just a matter of translating artspeak into plain language.