weird art forms

While encountering postcard stories, the viewer is left to ruminate on the implications of human subjectivity in the modern world.

Apart from being notorious pests, drawings of the uncanny are of interest because of their expression of weirdness.

And this year was a time to reflect on where easy things to draw have come from and where they are going : the joy of making things. Don't highlight the negative in every situation.

Cool drawings kill boring times

How to draw things ? Drawing expressions conveys an array of moods, from the doodling to the playful. Almost every picture had a story to tell. People notice what you're drawing.

We figure the rules out for ourselves, using our capacity to make pictures and choosing an artistic system to live by. Good art is just lousy luck.

Pocket drawings

Birds with two pockets fight flight pictures to draw when bored because their energy is infectious; invented things no one asked for.

"A bird is just a blob that has wings, a beak, a tail, and legs. I have never met a blob I could not turn into a bird."

Faster, more organic and less formal tutorial make easy sketching.

Transforming everyday pictures into cool images striving to better bridge the gap between proof of alien life and real-world drawings. As it turns out, living in other people's pictures is more thought-provoking than it first seems. It's like being given a little window into images, their lives, what matters to them, and their culture.

slow learning to draw

How do I really want to spend my time? What to draw when bored? Faster, more organic and less formal tutorial make easy sketching. Good drawings accept you as you are.

bird weirdness

The equation poetry of transgression is also knowledge. Our mathematics may impress zoologists but do not generally impress mathematicians.

JBS Haldane

At the end you look for the answer : difficult symbol or simple representation of rabbit life on the moon?