Quantic art: An image can be two things simultaneously.

life drawing models

Art life isn't black and white, enigmatica is grey, theories of beauty propose standards. Beauty vs ugliness is not a simple right vs wrong dichotomy. Drawing gives you a different perspective on life.

The world of images is an enchanting metaphor, and so is fraught with uncertainty. The aesthetic experience is a myth.

alternative quantic art

Everything we do is art, even the academic drawings, nothing is an absolute reality. Each quantic work of art explores the innate dualities of life.

good life drawing

I paint what I see, good life drawings.

life art models

Art is the science of seeing, drawing a white thing and painting a black one with touches of humor.

drawing from life better than photographs

Photo versus figure drawing.

Drawing from life is better than listening to the philosophers of art.

black and white sketch

A color picture of visual metaphor in art for art with a black-and-white soul. Modern art goes binary. Pencil drawings are shades of grey in an oversimplified black and white world. Black and White drawings, with touches of humor and irony.

Nothing is perfect when art is black and white

Nothing is perfect because meaningful things can't always be simple. Either way, the answer never is common sense; neither question has cut and dried answers.

visual arts seek for whimsical pictures

Life's darkest moment never the essence of art. The upside down logic: is that what art wants? This means there is no gap between good and evil, between head and tail, instead we have a continuum. Black and white thinking is the root cause of all disease, but they think it’s only a matter of time.

The essence of art

We are intended to be judged in a binary manner : good or bad, But, science and visual art is a culture of doubt.

Confounding binaries such as abstraction and figuration, aluminium etchings and witty doodles trouble received ideas of form and formalism.