subliminal drawing

Interesting art will not come from business circles, it will come from playfulness and a canvas, or a drawing paper, or a piece of wood or metal that allows its figures to determine their own destiny.

Whimsical art is worthless but valuable.

Only an artist who doesn't want to be an artist or who doesn't even know that he is an artist is a real artist.

Bruce Nauman, The true artist helps the word by revealing tensions between practical and theoretical approaches to art.

chemical whimsical humor

Whimsical since internet time began. I don't run an art website, whimsical humor does it for me; it's exact opposite of what it should be.

Having opened that Pandora's box, finding artistic sense of humor.

Paul Gauguin

unintentional art is non-art

There is something about being in the presence of silly art that elevates you.

Proof of fairies

Computer please give me proof proof that fairies exist.

On rainy days, I want to escape reality.