Human body drawings are most meaningful when they disagree with theory.

Art speaks louder than word

Human meaningful volumes are mathematical, without ideal body proportions.

And learning to spot them may help you. You begin to see why artists resort to cutting corners.

The model sees things that others don't see. Art speaks louder than words.

Drawing tutorials are admirable things, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Alberto Giacometti>

How is the human body meaningful?

How to draw human figure ?

"Everybody has a theory of proportions of the human body but no artist ever see things as they really are."

First rule : The pubis is at mid-height of the average adult figure which is the meat of drawings.

the human figure tutorial

Body proportion in art is just half of the problem. Weathering Joe has developed a complex body of work that considers our social and cultural relationships with images and with the medium and history of irony itself.

naive panther

When you look at a portrait and the face is exactly the same to every detail is that art or is it just boring?

Lucian Freud

ideal body proportions

Who created the "ideal body proportions" in artworks?

Body proportion poses both a question and an answer for artists looking for odalisques.

There are two cardinal rules to figure drawing : making life being art and making artworks being fun.

drawing human proportions

Proportions are the meat of a meaningful human body; this is good, clean fun.

Regarding models, regardless of their motivations, formalism creates a sense of order. Millipede’s tenacious attention to detail and abundance of patience invites the viewer in for closer inspection of its mastery of this technique.