raindrops are tears of fairies

If anything can be art, rain is pure beauty escaping reality.

Enjoy the tears of crying fairies on rainy days, a playful world where dreams and reality meld together to create surreal moments.

tears of objecthood

Objecthood is an issue for sculpture.

rain is pure happiness

Is beauty dead as collective illusion?

Fairy completely understand that not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

artfulness of the surrounding environment

Anything that provokes thought can be art. A grumpy little elf who tell you how worthless you are.

Sand fleas experimented with drawing to give physical form to their ideas.

Of course fairy tales are real. How else would we know of their very existence? Look for the grain of the truth, and work with it to effect change.

Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

“In the Fairyland of Fancy, Genius may wander wild; there it has creative power, and may reign arbitrarily over its own empire of Chimeras.”

Conjectures on Original Composition (p. 37), 1759 essay by Edward Young

tears of faeries

Where can you find real fairies? Computer please give me proof that mermaids exist! The people who are the rainmakers are the salty ones.

The notion of transcendence is an important aspect of sand fleas' oeuvre, observing the change in perception that occurs when a singular element (sand grains) is transformed into a larger object (sand castle) through the process of accumulation.