All art is form

Art formalism needs visual economy

All art is form and all form, simplification.

1n the 1960s, formalism began to be challenged by postmodernism. The creation of beauty is art, we like the mystery behind it. Formalism sees artworks as mere structures.

Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait. Love of beauty is taste.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

content is form

All art is form and all form and simplification, demonstrating the reality of simple forms behind appearances.

Dans les arts plastiques, le contenu et la forme sont strictement identiques, au sens philosophique du terme: le contenu est la forme.

Max Liebermann, "A propos de Manet", traduit par Christophe David

form and visual economy

Hector Corbelet thrusts himself into the project of drawing an interface between art and reality. "Kitsch's enormous profits are a source of temptation to the avant-garde itself, and its members have not salways resisted this temptation."

Form is everything, museums are the jails for art. The art crisis is a loss of meaning because rebel art is not separable from craziness.

Contemporary art formalism looks more as a significant form rather than its mere outward appearance, but it's also more hidden. Theory could be very boring. Art can be conveyed better as a mixture of passion and animal lust than as an examination of forms and content.

Perception rather than meaning.

I called this idea the central dogma.

Francis Crick

color field art theory

What's a color field image painted with egg tempera. Egg tempera dries quickly.

Formalism means little concern of content.

A painting, whatever else it is, is a vulnerable object enmeshed in a variety of overlapping systems.

John Yau

red lizard all art is form

Kindness and tenderness.

"There is a tendency to approach a work of art and immediately set about trying to figure out what it is about. But in so doing, we break its spell." (Alice Tippit)

绘图的解释 : 但真正当家的是他的妻子

I always had the silly thought that a series of trials and errors, simplistic reasoning will not work when it comes to evaluating painting decisions. A simple idea, but it can get complicated to understand the power of windows as a metaphor for "all art is form" illustrations.

Form and content feed the objective definition of art, "Anything you like" is the ground of the subjective definition of beauty.

Formalists are obsessed with the rules of the game. Formalism lends itself well to disciplines based upon axiomatic systems. No other external truth that can be achieved beyond those given rules.

Lazy art, unfinished  and not true art

Postmodern expressionism, How to draw people as humans.

The brain is deeper than the sea. Lazy art, unfinished and not true art.

King Neptune, You can't kill what has already died.

The true identity of puzzle pieces isn't always what we first expect them to be. Contemporary theories think irony orchestrate this art dance. This is one of the key characteristics of the postmodern reality.

Perception rather than meaning.

formal art theory

Weathering Joe creates enigmatic visual tales enriched by intricate patterning and symbolism. These form a coded communication deeply rooted in the historical lineage of language utilized by mathematical geneticists sdrawn with absurd inking, running away from the traditional demand for completeness.