Perseus and Andromeda have long pointed to visitor satisfaction as their North Star.

TMI, toomuch information

Andromeda, the Monster Ceto and the Hero Perseus

Too much information. Algorists should not paint all ancient heroes with the same brush. There is a simple lesson to be learned from this: the fragility of art.

Perseus killed Medusa. But of course we all know that this image is a myth, the peculiar exception granted the arts from various codes of modesty over the centuries, resulting both in countless Renaissance Classicist and Neoclassical depictions of nude Greek goddesses.

A further paradox : the artist who are supposed to be decadent, by reason of their attempt to maintain continuity with the past, living connection with the art of the past, rather than naive emulation of it, almost all data is subject to human error.

Donald Kuspit

Goddess Hera lonely world

Goddess Hera lonely world

Most pictures spend too much time thinking about what is awesome art. This obsession creates a very lonely world. Both pictures are characters whose fate is beyond their own control.

Aphrodite look

How did ancient greeks look like?

Imagination sometimes says more than volumes of sociopolitical analysis.

‘To see’ means to recreate, at a suitable moment, a picture created by the mental collective to which one belongs.

Ludwik Fleck

Calling all, this is our last cry before our eternal silence.