No more haste than good speed

Lazy artist, busy life

Do it later because you are a cool sloth, not an early graphic bird. Laziness should be man's essential goal.

Kazimir Malevich

Picture of lazy people

Lazy art states that everything of essential importance that happens in the art world happens in miniature in a doodle in some form.

lazy suprematist artist metaphor

Sloth's contemplative life and the peace it can bring to the meaning of upside down art metaphor.

Nature is lazy and Sisyphus too busy

Sisyphus Munchausen paradox: Nature is lazy

How to live like the procrastinator ant if we need art to keep us busy ? Life is a lazy and unkempt journey but funky, so stop running. In everyday use, "sloth" proxies for "laziness". Nothing in life comes easy.

People making a million decisions every day repeatedly favor fast and cheap over slow and expensive.

Seth Godin, nothing is ever easy.