Adam and Eve are cute

Adam and Eve may be pointless, but they are cute.

adam and eve at the contemprorary crazy luscious eden

Adam and Eve, irony and absurdity went to marry together

All crazy drawings become afraid when you mention theory because taste is a personal preference in aesthetic matters.

Adam and Eve metaphor garden of eden in fig leaves

Image of adam and eve in fig leaves.

Adam and Eve defining what contemporary drawing as a artistic pretext for nude figure drawing.

Adam, Eve and the tree of knwoledge etching

Garden of Eden metaphor

The pictorial code still affords profound commitment to represent abstract ideas and not artworks in and of themselves.

Eve under the tree of knwoledge

Adam, Eve and the tree of knwoledge

A porcupine without quills is a metaphor not focused enough on ordinary people’s lives. By contrast, Adam and Eve seeing principles beyond the surface of knowledge is more related to our lives because the real goal of whimsical art, like mathematics, is to discover the utterly unforeseen humor.