the art world is real

Everything is a sign, because pictures think the art world is real.

Signs of art are immaterial, while giving no indication as to whether this is a good or bad thing.

boggart warning sign

Absurdity breaks with fate.

silliness internal logics

Be silly, not stupid.

No one has time to read the legend, art symbols resonate with internal logics of their own.

Adolf Loos graphic design

Most art symbols are worn-out clichés that have outlived their usefulness.

Ornament is crime

Adolf Loos

The art sign may reveal a view of an hidden picture that reads as a separate drawing. Live forever or die in the attempt. Sgraffito, both as natural phenomenon and as cultural metaphor, is the subject of a painting.

visual perception human body

How come nobody noticed art is life?

The equation poetry of transgression is also knowledge. Official art scene is basically a business of cheating.

Donald Judd, How artspeak became the language of science.