That taste is always barbaric which needs a mixture of charms and emotions in order that they may be satisfaction.

Imanuel Kant, Blessed be the irrational.

Each Uisge ineffable ineffability

The only valid art is the art of ineffability.

Jean Michel Basquiat

Unexpected paintings bring emotional expressions that lean toward a belief in supernatural agents. David Lewis holds that there are inexpressible truths. Science may offer complete coherence, but only at the expense of the aesthetic and emotional pleasures many of us crave in art.

Keep it short

Keep it short

Logic and rationality are mere myths or illusions, seize the day, and keep is simple. If you think critically, and find pantings which are good at statistics, you may be a successful artist without personally knowing much math.

keep it simple witty

Keep it simple

All art is emotional, meaning some emotional expression of instinct as a physiological response. Natural selection primed any type of theory that attempts to aligns its thinking with a kind of legacy of anti-painting.

artists warped thinking

A passion for warped thinking.

It's mostly unspoken instinct, an unexplainable passion for the ineffable, for cognitive distortions.

inexpressible ineffability sense of humor

Knowledge, emotion and art don't make good bedfellows, the picture was always questioning what our equations were saying and their physical basis.

Artistic improprieties that are not a dumb wast of time and money are not artsy. An inauspicious picture pushing the creative boundaries of the old-fashioned sense of humor. Nothing or everything is sacred.

It is precisely because art is meaningless that it is so hard to talk about : if a dark form in the night is really a big cat, you could be in danger, while if it's just the wind, no harm done. Ineffability is for things that can't use words, the bad theory is intended to obfuscate and intimidate the viewer into thinking the work is meaningful, but lacks the teeth to do so.