Snarkiness aside, not all of the mistakes are funny

Art rules just hollowed it out.

emotion better than discourse

Why emotions sell better than talk?

We donít know reality, because our brain only gets its subjective view of realism. The theory relies heavily on anecdotal evidence.

George Maciunas, Why emotions sell better than discourse

ancient urban myths

You feel that you are a part of the city legends and myths.

Dealing with so many things can be hard. Humans have such a desire, a craving for stability in an unstable and continually changing world that they constantly choose to see stability where there is unpredictability.Thatís what we all probably think and believe. Itís common wisdom.

modern urban legends

Mythologies of images that speak of time passing are not ancient art or Greek gods stories, they tell modern urban legends, how images need each other.

Robert Filliou

understanding through urban myths

Myths are almost impossible to eradicate,the more you disprove it, often the more hard core it becomes.

Ghost towns, ghost people: make sure they're really cute.

Wolf Vostell