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What is Kitsch ?

Kitchy in art has no rules. Art theory is a trinket. The only interesting artworks are kitsch pictures, behaving like contemporary art but much postmodernist funnier than knick-knacks aesthetics.

kitsch joke with flowers

Kitschy artworks are made to be looked at.

Like crazy art, everyone recognizes what is Kitsch but few agree on the details.

the role of kitsch in contemporary art

Jokes about art theory are more natural than the cheesy inauthenticity of the importance of kitsch in contemporary art

Overheated art boil down to three "principles" or cardinal rules.

First, craziness is the magic that turns doodles into art. Second, run-and-tumble pictures weird they sound are more interesting than contemporary gallery pictures. Third, if you want to be yourself the cheesy picture, it's OK.

Dada also is dead as a dodo.

Absurd art is essential for a meaningful human existence

Kitschy in art made simple

Bold, colorful imagery reflecting the whimsical vibrancy of the thriving online art. Drawing is not who can communicate ideas and thinking in a simple manner but about who makes the most beautifully silly pictures rather than making social statements and sentences so long that nobody read them to their end.

Kitsch has a subversive potential.

Herbert Marcuse.

kitsch joke with flowers

Kitsch idealises the reality to a aesthetically pleasing bad joke, because you can't be too serious about the real purpose of funny art exploring the formal properties of their chosen media.