humour and art in philosophy have a great pair of legs

A good painting should have pretty eyes, a mouth and a great pair of legs

Ladybugs and spiders are the living proof that our vision is biased.

Ludwig wittgenstein, No data is perfect, every painting is a road map to modernism.

funny sayings in the age of the internet

We only see the luckiest pictures, the others are deeply buried in the internet.

“All events seem entirely loose and separate. One event follows another; but we never can observe any tie between them. They seem conjoined, but never connected”.

David Hume

Dry humor is not knowing it is art at all

Magic has long been associated with experimental science.

Artist focused on a limited set of colors and have thus provided a constrained view of the mutational visual spectrum unrelated to simplicity or minimalism

Lari Pittman, I see both sides of the coin.

Beauty has largely been drained of meaning through excessive business use.

art is the science of humanity

A picture becomes great by not accepting normal standards, and pushing the envelope, so to speak, in order to innovate.

Duchamp declared object is a work of art, I declare life itself is a work of art.

Painting understood not as an object but rather as a set of choices, contrary to the rules of parcimony.

Wolf Vostell ("life-size") No Art medium is logically preferable to any other, beauty is another altogether.

Funny art is a weird fish in the age of the internet. Unconsciously constructed epistemological obstacles are eventually broken through during epistemological rupture. People aren't looking for sites with great art, they're looking for sites with funny pictures that make them smile.