Art lives on fiction and myths

The road to Hell is paved with fiction and myths

Archetypal self is evoked on dark wall pictures of the goddess of night in our cities.

Are ghosts real or machiavellian life-like art ?

Are ghosts real or machiavellian life-like art?

There are myriad ways in which alternative urban mythology imagery is incorporated into life-like wall art.

All armed pictures have been victorious, and all unarmed pictures have been destroyed.

Niccolo Machiavelli, it is an unbelievable structure.

Life is fun as art

There are two methods of fighting, the one by reason, the other by force: the first method is that of artists, the second of beasts; but as the first method is often insufficient, one must have recourse to the second.

Niccolo Machiavelli

The monumental beauty and heroic ideality of this alternative universe. There is nothing inherent in any object which makes it a work of art, assuming that the collapse of hierarchies of value is the ground for graffiti art or punkish vandalism.

Cute urban mythology

Cute urban mythology

The ladybug first came to earth by lightning and was connected to the goddess of love and beauty.

Isis kills curious visitors

The riddle of Isis is about all that is already pictured or will be turned into picture in a predictable future. Isis kills curious visitors like Medusa.

No viewer, no visitor has already see beyond goddess isis veils and clothing.

elimination of the boundary between fiction and reality

Urban art believes in the elimination of the boundary between fiction and reality, in mythical sightings of tooth fairies, real Santa and Scottish cold lakes Nessies.