art genetic algorithm

Contemporary art always has been uncanny funny. The painting is refreshingly unfussy about being seen. Keep your eyes open for the things that other people are overlooking.

Frank Stella, Canvases are flat things but imagination is power; the public always understands afterwards, often 50 years later. This construction must be ephemeral: So what. Name a new idea?

Gustave Courbet genetic algorithm

Beautiful images should illustrate the innate side of art.

The commercial aspects somehow taint the artwork and renders it less pure or authentic, pushing into processes that capture a deeper essence.

One of drawing’s appeals, in theory, is its simplicity. Pictures connect viewers across time, space, and culture.

Life culture and art language

Aïcha Liviana Messina, Art that speaks for itself, Almost everything in life leads to a cool cartoon.

Art are made with everyday materials and objects, because imagination by itself is insufficient. Ideal proportions really does exist, only because real art showed it to be true. Back-to-scratch to sgraffito painting.

Visual riddle

Easy-to-do artworks must, sometimes also, integrate everyday intelligence.

"Some degree of intelligence appears, a result which has surprised me more than anything else in regard to worms."

stupid drawing

Our behaviour is rooted in genetics, drawings illustrate the innate side of art.

Bottom line: Maybe drawing saved my life. How do you know?

what is the scientific method

The scientific method pushing huphill a real-life model.

Art theory, the giant that put so many artistic dreams out of business, now finds itself locked in the fight of its life, with greedy businesses lurking in the background.

Visual vocabulary

Left alone this artwork had mild effects on its own, but when combined with an underground visual vocabulary significantly reduced the size of harsh criticisms and increased endorphin release from the brain.

Yes, it's the end of the page, and you know what that means: going into a shared digital space, don't you find that a little weird?.