The only valid art is the art of lunacity, the proof is in the painting. It is a nice question, incidentally, to which the discussion below ad some piquancy: How to explain paintings to a dead hare? Need help from Josef Beuys and A.W. Moore, because harebrained.

Don Quixote is as mad as a March hare.

Galerie Schmela, 1965, Josef Beuys; Sancho from the history of the ingenious gentleman, Don Quixote of La Mancha,

Uncertain art uses the drawing paper as a means to ask questions related to the role of humor as a means of making humorous drawings. Imaginative illustration aims to represent doodling numbers to sycophantic equations.

Barry Flannagan, good wits jump like wild-haired hares.

The result is the all-too-familiar impression that mathematics is a collection of seemingly arbitrary rules to be applied to an uncreative, essentially mindless fashion on oojah theorems, in good or bad taste.

Keith Devlin

airhead silly or foolish person

Cool art from someone a little insane is no lack of affect

The only valid art is the controversial art of lunacity. Looking for socially obnoxious Argus Panoptes, the hundred eyed Greek monster from Greek mythology, because of his legendary discriminating eyes to let us know what is the real monster of postmodernism.

Cultural conformity is thought to be a key factor in the evolution of complex culture in harebrained humans.

Unexplainable post-modernist self-aware irony is not cooler than pictures of real fairies, because the ways in which we get information is just as important as that information.

Who would even think that humor could happen?

Brain tissue is so metabolically costly that artworks with relatively smaller brains can save energy when art resources are scarce.

Poetry says simple things we already know in a confusing way (Paul Dirac).