People need beauty

Any seaside landscape artwork has natural ebbs and flows.

Greek red figure on the roads of life

Greek red figure, in the quantum world there is no Moon if nobody looks.

The internet has long been concerned with the afterlife of ancient pieces of art.

What would Aphrodite look like today

a window into the enigma of existence.

seaside summer legends

Strange and otherworldly

If you don't understand seaside legends, it's summer time.

The Road is Life through the Canal of Corinth

The Road is Life

Corinth, Canal, August 2005

sorite paradox

Given then that one grain of wheat does not make a heap, it follows that two do not, thus three do not, and so on. If you don't understand who is the Greek God of scientific truth, it's Ancient Greek art.

Eubulides of Miletus (Sorites = heap)

I became an artist when I became a Lobster.

Philip Colbert

I can see the goddess, but where are the parallel lines? Unclothed people avoid the obnoxious accumulation of conspicuous class markers.