This picture has a snowball's chance in hell of surviving the internet, within difficult truths and rough edges.

Truth is the daughter of time

People who tell the truth are always disregarded because the truth is never convenient.

Interesting things are truer than boring drawings. The remarkable fact is that flawed drawings led to a fascinating idea. In art there are no bending rules about how we gain intuitions about what might be true.

will to win

When a transformation causes properties to change, artists call that symmetry-breaking, and it is everywhere in nature.

Many picture like this one are pulled toward graduate school by their innate sense of wonder. But this curiosity can mutate into misery when met with unexpected setbacks and unreasonable expectations.

In life, some grow up greedy for fame and gain, while the philosopher Pythagoras seeks only for cool art and truth. Money is not the only measure of success. The Urban dictionary definition of the will to win is the ability to do whatever is necessary in life to achieve your goals in life, art, or any endeavor you undertake. The will to win is a phrase held by only those who truly believe in the will to do something that others believe one cannot do. Truth depends on the definition each individual has about what artworks should look like.

I think of the proportions of the human body like the Bohr model of the atom : It was wrong, yet it turned out to be fruitful. However, there must be some truth in Santa.

We trust what we see much more than what goblins and boggarts tell us.

Scientists can recognize whether the ladder works or not. Where it's tough enough for a single person to climb the ladder, two legged creatures who make a shared caption for themselves stand out like rarefied figures.

Our culture has not been able to deliver step changes for quite some time.

Scale, not size, is actually what remains constant in perception.

Giambattista Vico, Truth is the realm of crackpot theorists because true art speak plainly

ideal body proportions

Who created the "ideal body proportions" in artworks?

Body proportion poses both a question and an answer for artists looking for odalisques.

There are two cardinal rules to figure drawing : making life being art and making artworks being fun. The hope is that you are getting closer and closer to the naked truth.