odalisque symbolism

How we live

Reality is a subclass of imagination.

Symbols of fancy orientalism and fairytales used as a visual puzzle.

Fairytales combine elements of dream-like reality, the psychological and the uncanny.

Many pictures choose their residences, that's what freedom means. Every picture has its own reasons to move.

standard irony

In visual perception, an odalisque is never seen as it really is, as it physically is. However, irony, the standard workhorse for art humor poses multiple challenges to the practitioner.

standard irony

"A painting is a visual history of all the tiny decisions, many totally subconscious, that coalesce into what we call a painting."

standard irony

Images are not just passive entities that coexist with their human hosts, any more than the microorganisms that dwell in our intestines. They change the way we think and dream.

In visual perception, odalisques are never seen as they really are, as they physically are.

Eugéne Delacroix

Stop coddling pictures and images, even if Weathering Joe is delighted they captured the imagination of visitors. They need to grow up and take responsibility for their enabling of an art market that ignores the small things that matters. Enough said.

standard irony

Body proportion is a simple calculation with a complicated past. The Symbolists must be fought like a disease.

Camille Pissarro

Art stems from a distortion of perception and expression of reality. That's for crazy artists. Good art is craziness. Enigmatic look is higher mysterious power. Figure drawing without thought is art lost and thought without drawing is perilous.

You perceive it as if you are looking at reality and not at how fine art works.

Paradox number three is that art objects are not to be merely aesthetically appreciated for their own sake, given their world-transforming capacity. No action is too small.

Image is everything, happy pictures are always joyous and optimistic.

standard irony

Images refunction our memories and imaginations, bringing new criteria and new desires into the world.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Camille Pissarro