Seeing is as much art as science.

" If you cannot - in the long run - tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless."

Erwin Schrodinger, Now scientists are asked to produce something new and exciting that can be summed up in three pages.

post-painterly yellow cat art

The mathematician saw the solution and instinctively knew it was correct.

Keith Devlin The math gene, p 124

The psychological entities that serve as basic building blocks for my thought are images, more is less clear, that i can reproduce and recombine as will

Albert Eintein (breakthroughs came in a dream)

theory of relativity

"Culture seems a product of we watch rather than what we read."

" If you ask a physicist what is his idea of yellow light, he will tell you that it is transversal electromagnetic waves of wavelength in the neighborhood of 590 millimicrons. If you ask him: But where does yellow come in? he will say: In my picture not at all, but these kinds of vibrations, when they hit the retina of a healthy eye, give the person whose eye it is the sensation of yellow."

Erwin Schrodinger, A picture is worth a thousand worlds

the collapse of reality

Only artists can counteract the collapse of reality.