memory and nostalgia

Ink blot art

As if you were outside the ugly side of the art world. Each picture narrates a unique story, often a poetic journey.

Memory and nostalgia

Faith in oneself may be the best, but it has never be the safest course; even if whoever does not love his work cannot hope that it will please others. No one doubts the inkblot itself will be high quality.

inkblot artworks who are open to lots in the studio

Graphic design making piffles a playful place to think.

Good art might say something.

No sensible person would confuse precision with importance in intellectual life. Beware of technological related anxieties that surround the search for perfection, and drive you on the brink of madness.

Pictures used to be flat. Works on paper too often are merely superficial.

Inkblot art is the morally black and white one. The works are designed to allow the viewer to interpret them as they see fit. The causal gene mediating that impact is often unclear.

Real fairy dust

Ink your living shrimps, put the shrimps onto a piece of drawing paper and see tour crustacean artists make abstract expressionist artworks. If anything can be art then a comical ink blot made by a shrimp is art.

If you can’t give me poetry, can’t you give me “poetical science”? This is the sort of questions that a critic can pose, but only artists can answer.

irony trumps all

How to describe yourself : A tidy drawing always pictures a lazy artist.

Any authentically-created art is in the images ability to provide an inward path to look at oneself, by what is shown through others.

Virginia Hines

ink blot bunny

Paper wants to explore human consciousness and convey different elements of the human experience. Inkblots are not alone in their wish to experiment true art is angsty, obviously. And unless you are an artist, we can largely leave that can of worms unopened

inkblot art test

The Rorschach ink blot test doesn't lie but does it tell the truth? Smart or dumb depending on who you ask...

"This got me thinking about why there's a whole mass of artists in Brooklyn doing naive-like abstraction and narratives. As if you were outside the ugly side of the art world."

Edgar Degas reveals the more primal world of half-formed signs and symbols that surges underneath.