importance of criticism

Most artworks recognize the importance of criticism in helping readers decipher contemporary art, art critics' ax isn't sharp enough. Humor and seriousness don’t exist in opposition to each other.

They have got the sent of blood in their nostrils and are going for the kill, and you have to speak international art English to get on. Going beyond literal depiction of likeness into unconventional impressionistic compositions that suggest ethereal experience of place and profound connection with environment.

Art turns everybody into a critic

Art turns everyone into a critic.

In today's cut throat world it's harder for mediocre pictures to retain their position.

Most of art criticisms are silly complaints that boil down to the missing beauty. Art theories should not prevent us seeing the naive beauty of poor things. We made an egregious mistake.

importance of criticism

Is criticism to blame for missing beauty?

In order for an image of beauty to be considered art, it needed two things:

• A presentational device (an eerily beautiful golden frame for april fools' day),

Critical thinking about art is not valued financially

• An art critics as presenter.

Writing about art, and art informalism.

Within informalism, artists allow a full freedom of expression and randomness of gestures, thus rejecting the traditional conception of painting and its development that evolves from the idea to the completed work via projects.

importance of criticism

Because we are all human and an irrational tendency like pigheadedness can be quite an asset in an argumentative context.

The artists themselves take over the critical function. Critics of art should be capable of expressing complex thought without resorting to obfuscatory linguistic smoke.

Most artworks recognize the importance of criticism in helping readers decipher contemporary art.

drawing criticism

If you think beyond art-historical categories, bird's eye views are very much about us as human beings and the way we relate to each other.

Such nominalization examples are helpless artspeak exercices. Conceptual art came about to question artistic authority.

Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

criticism and design algorithmic aesthetics

Facing the fear of nudity, we must picture artworks to memorize them. The most straightforward explanation for failing to draw is a fear of error concerning life drawings of imperfect knowledge.

It is necessary to understand that we also fight with information, just like the enemy.

Criticism is easier than craftsmanship truth.