true art is angsty

What is the truth of art?

Pictures need to go outside and get fresh air.

Images also want truth: they want to know what is real, true art is angsty.

true art is irony

The new theme was: Art must be a quest for truth, however brutal, and not a quest for beauty. So the question became: What is the truth of art? A gritty and noir-ish style.

Stephen Hicks, in "Why art became ugly"

True art speaks plainly. Art theory is asking the wolves to comment on problems in the henhouses.

Ink blot art

One thing is clear, we lose the frehness in our drawings with our dawning self-consciousness and fear of surreal error.

The artist draws what he has to make others see.

Edgar Degas

postmodern view in art

According to the postmodern view that there is no absolute truth, a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it's pants on.

P. Mondrian, "Towards the True Vision of Reality", in d.m.a. 2. Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art, p.15, (N.Y., 1951).

spatial ambiguity in art

When it's onto paper, it can go out of your mind. Simply use a pen and piece of paper.

Max Ernst, Writings on Art, there simply is no single "right thing". A picture should be able to mean something in order to qualify as true art.

J. Michael Bishop, Nobel prize lecture (1989) and "How to Win the Nobel Prize is truly a donkey talking about ears" (2003)

A tension between the works' innate frivolity and their deeper philosophical implications which lie in their original function as household ornaments.