art on identity

Whimsy pictures must make great art because it's in their genes

The shallowness of images is what is making art web sites scratch their heads.

If the goal of your life is drawing imaginary beings, you must hide this down-to-earth behavior behind high-level theoretical considerations. Art on identity that was once teetering on the brink of irrelevance. Obscurity is important to ease the shallowness of art like obfuscation is the way computer science want to go.

every artist paints his own nature into his pictures

"I’ve spent my life looking for stairs. That’s why I’m still walking well".

Stan Herman

Producing visual art is only the most visible part of a life into art. This page is for anyone puzzled by why design inspiration ought to be apparently concerned with the volatility of life and its absurdities.

contemporary vitruve da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, The picture provide us with an opportunity to test the edgy hypothesis postulating the migration of interesting artworks from the decorative swamp to the conceptual side of cool art.

graphic artist

Whether or not it is art or humor

medusa gorgon

Julian Treasure identified seven deadly sins of speaking: gossip, judging, negativity, complaining, excuses, exaggeration, and dogmatism.

Symbol for complexity

Symbol for complexity, beautiful is complicated, we all love a good puzzle.

Art by a particular mathematician artist is so variable, the issue is very complex. The easiest questions are still among the most difficult to answer. First, try the dumbest thing that might actually work, at odds with its intended message.