But something odd is clearly going on: art critic of statistical fallacies.

abstract art human figure

Abstract art is is not like my visual hallucinations

Skill or accuracy are not a substitute for Art.

How can well beyond the bounds of good taste artworks be classified into different outrageous fun types?

When representation becomes abstracted, the subject becomes the background, because art is what the viewer makes it. Borderline art is characterized as demonstrating "remarkable efficacy and safety".

postmodern art ironic-skeptical paradigm

Meeting the complex inhabitants of art web sites.

Death of painting

Nobody knows for certain how art reflects and affects culture, but the following reasons are speculated: The difficulty of orientation in contemporary art has been a commonplace since Hans Belting. It is hard to be sure what abstract art is anymore in this goofy culture, funny, lively, involved and generous pictures between art and good life, the end of painting.