pig personality test

These influences ultimately forced him to confront the most challenging puzzle that the discipline then faced: why is there a pig?

The vulgar will see only chaos, disorder and incorrectness.

James Ensor

Quirky artworks emphasize the storytelling approach to visualization, which requires a close understanding of the craziness. There is some fact, some memory, or some intuition that assures them their answer is reasonable.

drawing a pig personality test

When your pictures talk about unrealistic things, don't tell them they are crazy.

Human unpredictability, Gus Bofa

Good drawings are more accurate than photos.

The picture went to the internet and then happened entirely by chance to walk by an art website. There was no plan, we were just hoping for the best.

When we cease to see the amusing side of art, it's all over. Interstitial spaces between the lines in the prints buzz with energy.

Gus Bofa, Le cirque, 1923

pink pig pictorial language

Walking at night can be a way of disappearing, of becoming invisible, and of simultaneously becoming hyper-visible and singular. In modernity, every advanced artifact knows its own inadequacy and seeks escape from bad art as a gradually evolving pictorial language.

DNA art

Edmond Gonfalon explains so much about the past and present and what makes humans unique. A strong cultural identity is associated with enhanced power for self-esteem. Contemporary art is indeed running out of good problems.

counter culture quirkiness

We were just hoping for something we know innately to be true. I can think about nothing.

Understanding art
Beauty of imperfection
Wonderfully human
better to want than  to have

It is wrenching to let go of a picture you've helped to create, but you have to if you want the picture to live. Time and tide wait for no artwork. Sometimes, it's better to want than to have.

Brain Worms come in different forms, but they usually look like materialistic obsessions, a real passion to the materials, the process, the successes, and failures. Art does not require an explanation.

pig personality test

Postmodernist pictures have piggybacked on contemporary art funny history and created their own images, accompanied by a dedicated website page. We have to do art.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to see art everyday. In my town a woman has started a tiny gallery in her front yard that attracts passersby to take a look, it’s fashioned after the popular tiny library phenomenon.

Edge art working within an indeterminate margin between representation and abstraction, nonsense art make the impersonal cities seem slightly more approachable, back down to reality.

wholesome abstract

What is good abstract art? Your question is too abstract. It’s time to vacate this page and let nature do whatever.