Difficult life circumstances can be transformative, imaginary creatures make good pictures.

But, difficult life circumstances do not guarantee an artist can translate that experience to their graphic art. Forever optimistic, silly pictures don't care about being famous. One by one, however, the true images inconspicuously rose to the top.

procrastination quotes in the age of the pismire

Ants do procrastinate, it's one of many art facts.

The tendency to procrastinate is not a mutation in your genetic code. This results from your mind’s innate desire for novelty. For millions of years, we evolved in an environment where conserving pursuing novel things was highly advantageous to our survival. Today, slow art is the solution: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Sarcastic comments in the age of the internet

artsy graphic quote

Simple things are easier to quote and more difficult to procrastinate.

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

things to draw when bored

Staring out the window isn’t a waste of time.

Procrastination is a problem of self-regulation. The problem is that we also have an overactive safety reflex and prefer the pleasure at hand, because we aren't very good at delayed gratification. That comes from a time when we didn't know where the next meal was coming from.

Tristan Tzara, All the silly pictures you can see are not enough

Lazy life is one of the biggest branch of complex-systems research. Mentally strong drawings can be happy alone.

Pablo Picasso, Our level of busyness is closely linked to our self-worth. You’ll live your authentic life.