explanation is art

You can cut corners if it’s necessary, good artworks are on the right side of the equation. Nothing is art but veneration for things.

Genuinely strong pictures let people make up their own minds; no single strategy is sufficient for every scenario. Whimsical alternative uses of postmodern art paintings probably arises from its central irony. We remember what we want to remember.

Knowledge discovery is surreptitious, with long stretches of nothing and sudden bursts of breakthrough discoveries, and this is bloody stupid. Every time a contemporary artwork came to me I always encouraged it to follow its passion and happiness.

Jerry Lofti, Death of certainty.

apodictic calf

Pointless site: random exhibition title

True to an extent. It is scary how much art is wasted in a nihilistic epoch.

This transmission of information is subjected to molecular noise what can decrease its fidelity. Overall, our findings contradict the commonsense and popular assumption that life is art, reality is not real.