Salome and the seven oil paintings

Salome daughter of Herodias

Salome believed that if she could just be understood, then art and life would be the same thing. Because if humor is metaphorically king and art targets that, then irony, logically, should be be targeting the metaphoric queen and all who sail through her.

The real truths are those that can be invented

Salome danced, made paintings and prints, always on behalf of art, the real truths are those that can be invented.

We may have seen Salome dancing, but we do not need to see the grass grow because motion is the strongest visual appeal to attention. It is biologically essential that we see art move from one place to another.

Salome looks brainiac

What makes high-flying underground art? Salome was the first "artist as activist", chopping off brainiac's heads, legitimating traditional ideas of picture-making. Art final goals are stretching the truth toward misrepresentations of how to reduce height, and how to be shorter. I seriously love her for her manifesto.

Drawing the line between naturalism and realism in art. Since the sense of vision has developed as an instrument of survival, it is keyed to its task.

N. Arnheim pp 372, 384

symbol for truth

A further paradox : the artist who are supposed to be decadent, by reason of their attempt to maintain continuity with the past, living connection with the art of the past, rather than naive emulation of it, almost all data is subject to human error.

Donald Kuspit

A digital presence is an adventitious living entity that requires constant care and attention.The problem of the true colors of skin is too bloody complicated.

Drawing forces you to slow down and truly understand what you are looking at.

Greece is my prehistory, my preliterate past, my unconsciousness, my fantasy. America is my History,my unconsciousness, my adult life my reality.