Geometry of life between art and reproduction.

Knowledge is not neutral. Conventional stuff and borderline things are two sides of the same coin of the visual culture of science and magical thinking.

artistic souls live an odd life

There is nothing more beautiful in this world for pictures than to be fully accepted for everything that they are. We are genetically wired to see babies and children as cute, and to want to protect them. I love when someone can make turn their ideas into reality, but in this story, visual art missed the boat. It's a very compelling argument.

Does art have a biological basis, and has it contributed to human evolution?

Awkwardness works as fitness indicators.

Observations indicate that all art theories are not equal in the eyes of evolution.

Nothing in Art makes sense, except in the light of evolution.

basic instinct genetics

Genetics aesthetics, remember you can’t change someone.

Visual art lives an odd life, not knowing what they want or why.

why are some people good at drawing?

Art is a trait so universal and ancient that it is almost surely innate. Drawing may be more effective by going with the genetic flow rather than swimming upstream.

The genetic artist is interested in the statistical and inferential challenges that arise in making sense of genomic data. Matisse used to say that some people have an art gene and others don't. Every brushstroke is, in a sense, some kind of accident.

Raphael Soyer

Genetic art

Biologists believe that some artists send mixed signals. Canvas with brightly coloured topsides attract mates, for example, whereas camouflaged undersides protect against art predators.

You can find beauty in art, too, when the concept of necessity no longer directs your life as only printed artworks should reproduce.

Ellen Dissanayake

Genetic art

As the physical carriers of genetic information, otherworldly mutable entities that evolve over time, this visual heritage made up of forbidden images is heritable.

art is part of human nature

Before the invention of the fleeting aesthetics, art was simple. Art-conscious decoration is a visual language. Inspiration has to find you painting.

there is something seriously wrong with our understanding of genetics

It is precisely because art is meaningless that it is so hard to talk about : if a dark form in the night is really a big cat, you could be in danger while if it's just the wind, no harm done. Drawings are about life, and vice-versa.

Genetic art, geometry of life

Innovation in modern art is the daughter of many parents. The mythical art form rapidly evolves and mutates in unexpected ways. The instinctive beauty gene, like the blackbird's orange-yellow beak, may have developed as the fitness signal. Making pictures is a non heritable brain disorder of unknown etiology, because aesthetics is part of our biology as expressed through the filter of awkwardness and irony.

why are some people good at drawing?

The secret of life, art is about meeting biological needs, we have to do art. Visual art moves from an esoteric specialty to being part of genetics. The criteria for goodness and badness are inherently shifting and not innate. The short of it is that there's not good evidence that highbrow art is better for you.

Donald Kuspit, Explaining why you do art because of an inner compulsion; bad paintings are noisy, dirty, and annoying; it's seriously high art.

bat eating books symbolism, golden rectangle

Art and genetics are good mysteries. IF the material is innately gripping, it is counterproductive to try to jazz it up or make it exciting. I like this stuff, everyone likes this stuff.