All pictures reflects to an unpredicable degree a cultural reality. They exist to pose puzzles, to be interpreted, and to stimulate conversation.

Are ghost real

Worthless art is still worth a thousand ghosts, because if our senses took in every detail, we would be overwhelmed.

Journalism is to politics as art is to culture.


Whimsical approaches and imagination drawings to decorative, popular, folk and insanely lavis art forms, and a connection between everyday life scenes with the tendency to represent popular culture aspects, as well as its link with graphic art.

Ghostly artworks in the age of mechanical reproduction

Do ghost exist? Everybody needs a guilty pleasure.

The answer is a titanic discombobulating struggle between the formal properties of seriousness and the whimsical ghostly painting, or an escapist fantasy.

the secret language of wacky ghost pictures

The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction is behind the screen of your computer

How to decode the secret language of wacky pictures of large bathers?

Labels, stereotypes and artistic paradigms are held responsible for the meaning of the popular image, utopian draft.

Do green ghosts exist ?

Green ghost is a prisoner of his own mind

Colors evoke ghostly associations which are culturally determined.

Most of the people in this room are experimentalists, they think they understand this equation, but, really, they don't. The only people who really understand it are the theoreticians.

Daniel Dennett

decorative, popular, folk and ghostly cultural realities

Relevance is showing me the colors I dreamt last night and real pictures of cool animals.

Good pictures are determined to poke fun at both mainstream art and those who think of themselves as anti-art. Lingering at the threshold between word and image, ineffable flower drawings that lie beyond the reach of verbal articulation.

unintentional drawing

Thinking so far outside the box that the box is forgotten. Contemporary drawings have their own visual language.