Humorous artworks are magical

Art as Art, there was never any apology for that.

Unexpected artworks are magical, changing the things you see, changes your life. At the edge of shallow aesthetics, wacky art stands for you. Low precision is much more expressive.

Changing the things you see, changes your life. Humor helps us to understand an enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked. Run-and-tumble pictures escape timeless human ferocity, whiel idealist artworks work so courageously to bring truth to the world, living in middle-of-nowhere. Just because you call it lunatic art, it doesn't make it so.

Thin lines make an uplifting artwork

Thin lines are large enough to make uplifting art and return to a more allegorical and lyrical sentiment.

We are wired to respond to art. Printed on hand-made paper from copper plate etching. Patterns insanity reflects a distinct attraction to the absurd. So, as far as our evolutionary history is concerned, it seems we really are what we see. Visually puzzling patterns make ironic artworks.

magical low-precision expression

I’m seeing something bizarre here. The true language of art is speechless and phatic. There’s little in the way of doodled, simple proof, so it must be true.

Theodor Ardorno

Quos vult perdere, Jupiter dementat.

Virgil, Aeneide

witty pictures are our lives

As Werner Heisenberg famously conjectured, you can't measure an image's weirdness and wackiness at the same time.

Art for daily use explores the process of myth-making and the questioning of truth of daily life : Slow art makes better life.

Art is complex

Finding a secure place in the worst websites ever list. Don't spread rumors. Wacky cyberculture tells that a steady stream of folk tales from proto-Modernist lowbrow art always occurs during its making. Sure, the divisions were fanciful, but they gave us a feeling of time control.

Art is complex

Wackiness has played an instrumental role in reshaping the culturally reckless art. A picture becomes interesting by not accepting normal standards, in order to innovate. Art is complex. It involves touching, tuning in, connecting, communicating.

For the artist what and how are one.

William McElcheran

If works of art are empty, why should visitors be any more upset by garish packaging, not empty, on supermarket shelves?

Julian Stallabrass

However, functional and computational advances will provide key opportunities for progress on these problems. Hector Corbelet is an artist who can live in uncertainty, which is very much the state of our daily life, and not reach for an answer.

The game of life showing the mythical complexity

Virgil, Aeneide, There are so many myths out there.