One must be art, the real question here is, why?

Inquiring minds want to know, painting brushes know that.

The world of the whistle-blower is a lonely one.

Utopia is slow art

Pictures oscillate between reality and fiction, it's probably a mixed bag.

Modern statistics make the absurd appear significant, modern art makes the significant appear absurd, that's because the photon can act like a wave or a particle, but not both at the same time. No experiment is perfect.

Quixotic : exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical, artwork-like. Nothing defines what is art because the idea of art is a very fluid concept with a liquid, witty, humorous edge, but also a touch of sadness.

Nyx and ibex drawing in a box

Photo-based figure paintings are flat as a cheeky canvas, drawing from life is crispy fun.

Contemporary art challenges notions of space, perception and meaning of silliness. Now we know all of those questions are unnecessary.

What makes an academic discipline seriously important is the obscurity of the obfuscatory language its proponents employ.

For centuries, idiotic humor has been an art. Artists don't know where the edge is, or even if there is an edge, but some fear cutting edge art living on the edge with utopian ideals.

Art aphorism looking for the need to touch the things it find beautiful, an artistic expression of the colored registration of the passing moment. We need theories and the art of eristic or logical disputation to sell decoratively kitsch paintings.

everything is a draft

Because art is embedded in even the most banal objects, visual images used as metaphors in art are inexpensive (Veblen goods pay where quality is judged by price). But most paintings are not artists, and they have some ethical resistance to the idea of making every human interaction into a money transaction. An urgent need to capture memory from a distorted point of view.