kooky landscape

Here's the problem. Draw a line in the sand today.

Every piece contains more than one story.

playful art

Boredom is telling you that what you’re doing right now isn’t working.

Cute flower can’t simply write stories about these crawling things. The whole postmodern program was insane and had no probabilistic chance at success but it worked anyway.

Travel lightly through life

Travel lightly through life, beaches are alive.

The quest for insight into what human beings really are. Flat design, because of its emphasis on minimalism and simplicity, creates a clean and definitively uncluttered look.

Life is more complex than the simplistic this-or-that filters we typically apply in writing and thinking about it. All feelings and emotions have a purpose and a use behind the cutesy props.

Throughout art history, artists has sought to make sense of their magic world through myths. These imaginative stories, taking visual forms, have been both preserved and transformed over the years as they have been repictured.

Genuinely strong artworks don’t fight, they restore balance because art is life, and because it means something different to everyone, it ends up meaning nothing at all.

legendary summer

Summer is fun, tomorrow can't come soon enough, serious art is doomed to fail, there's more of everything, creating a sense of space through the bold juxtaposition of a close foreground with a distant background.

Focusing on unreality avoids being bored, life cannot be planned; delight of puzzlement, sand is the only metric for time. It is a late summer day, with a rising wind that feels as though autumn is near. Learn to decode the secret language of emotion fairies.

rain is pure happiness

Trigonometry lesson: Some of those beach slopes can be as low as 1 foot vertical to 2-300 feet horizontal. Therefore, when sea level goes up 1 foot a few hundred feet of beach will move inland. Math bats last. Sand hoppers use a mathematical methodology to draw out the illusionistic properties of beach sand.

The summer crafts project has exploded like a field of porcini mushroom after a rainy night in a late summer morning, rain is pure happiness. Artistic thinking develops contingencies in advance when the craft doesn't go along according to the ideal path. Artworks created from simple materials are all expressions of a minimal language, at the base of elliptical narratives giving free rein to the viewer’s imagination. I sometimes wonder when the ripples widened out beyond what I had imagined.

upcycled figure art

Out of the crooked wood of humanity, nothing entirely straight can be built. It is only the approximation of this idea that nature imposes upon us.

Immanuel Kant

Weathering Joe subtly disrupt our assumptions about what we see so that we may return to an open, curious, childlike state of mind. A wistful sense of an impossible world.

Art could be made from anything, poetic and highly symbolic. Summer artworks consider themselves as a vehicle for ideas of universality and timelessness already present in nature.

Jerry Lofti, Art has always been with us, it's best to make hay while the sun shines.

landscape  simplicity

Never judge an art site by its cover. Ambiguity is equally the hallmark of very fine and very poor artworks. Twice a day the moon makes the oceans flood the coasts. Do something new everyday.

symbol for curiosity

Playful symbol for curiosity, genuinely strong artworks let things go. Futility of big ideas.

Pictures want to live and work like authentic artists, they love their profession the most. Art is part of human nature, ideas and images are good bedfellows. Like all primates, humans use facial expressions to communicate with each other.

Landscape is the universal genre of painting.

Anne-Louis Girodet

playful summer art

A rainy day is the proof that fairies exist. Rain drops are the tears of crying fairies that hide in the clouds.

The organisms in this ludicrous dark matter are globally ubiquitous and numerous but have largely unknown physiologies. Imaginative unreality strives. Summer rain is pure sunshine; the smell of the rain is pure, and free. A tribute to childhood wonderment that evokes nostalgia for simpler days when drawing ideas would be puddles upon landing on the paper.