Crazy paintings can play an important part in that quest, but there is a formal process for establishing the truth or falsity of picturesque intuitions.

Francis Picabia

life is unpredictable

People think that art and business are at odds but the art world is definitely risky.

random art

Art is branch of graph theory

"The difficulty was that although well-defined philosophical principles had great appeal, numerical methods and statistics did not." (Joe Felsenstein)

The picture's charmingly eccentric interest reflects a particular fascination with algebraic graph theory and hidden art. She wanted ideas to bubble up from below to shape her pet aesthetic theory. Einstein simply wouldn't believe that randomness could play a fundamental role in nature. Good life isn't a perfectly arbitrary thing: being binary is a deadly sin.

A theory of chance is an easy target (an object of derision)

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.


posterior probabilities

Posterior probabilities. Chance is Dada because it is random, inexplicable, a bearer of chaos. To accept unpredictability is to accept a lack of control.

Unpredictable artworks have hit that magical combination of gradually shifting from a product to a concept strategy.

Chance maybe a game of three halves, the purpose of the picture is part of the riddle. Art by chance because being binary is a deadly sin. With a roll of the dice, the color of the paintings is determined.

"Mr.Benzenberg seems to write his letters as well as his art in his sleep."

Carl Friedrich Gauss

idiosyncratic symbol

Unpredictable art: anaything can happen.

Buttered toast always lands butter side down, terrorized by anything remotely numerical: I am just glad I am on the right side of the equation.

Nothing is certain, it's all about random ideas. Attended at all times by uncertainty, incompleteness, and imperfection, the world is full of contradictions.