mad art makes sense

Take your time, look around.

Mercurial Neptune willing to consider the ongoing possibility of hope and beauty under even the most difficult circumstances.

Art institutions seem to be presenting very different pictures of what matters now. The title "eat the weak" is a metaphoric mad skill. Art approaches truth. It's time for the funny art industry to come up with a better reason for why we get up in the morning. There could be another benefit to blurring the lines between art and science, a full spoon of eccentricity. Because some contemporary paintings, insanely complicated, created an art filled with legions of human figures, mad spiders and postmodernist horses.

quirky science

Separate the meaningful information from the random smoke that means nothing (but sfumato), but feed fear. The carpet of contemporary art must be really dome-shaped by the large number of awkward art works which have been brushed under it.

Art websites should morph over time, mad skill as a box of frogs.

mad skills rules eccentrics art

Paul Gauguin felt able to write: ‘Standing at his easel, the painter is slave neither to the past nor the present, neither to nature nor his fellow-man. It is he, still and forever he’. That's the challenges that Paul Gauguin set himself and solved in his quest for his own identity.

Proportion determination in drawings is amazingly plastic. About an eccentric definition in arts, because fiction and fantasy let you be whatever you want.

mad skills

John Stuart Mill

Outsider art is becoming increasingly conformist, repetitive, and sometimes outright boring. Parerga from our own crackpot theories is always interesting. Aluminium etching is the salt (copper sulfate and friends) of life.

Genuinly strong pictures don't blame something else for their bad moods. Why did our nature give us agility, if not to evade responsibility?

Aliens visiting art websites are unsure of exactly what art is supposed to mean. In fact, most of what you see is an illusion.

Bayesian eccentricity

What is eccentricity if authenticity equals nuttiness? Lets be adamantly real.

Pictures dream of freedom and individuality.

This implicit and relational textual quality is ultimately a product of its narrative character. Although visual arts are created to fulfil needs, each also creates random things to look at.

rhinoceros writing a letter

There is no good reason to run an art website. Weathering Joe dissolves the barrier between abstraction and figuration, as well as evokes a constantly changing polymorphous world. Raw emotion from our reptilian brain is the magic of art. The syntax of forms expresses an emotional charge and spiritual power independent of language.

Life on walls is imagination and mermaids are real, but this doesn't show that mermaids are bad at art. Gustave Bifrons enjoys finding magic in urban environments.

It sounds cheesy, but it just makes me smile. This isn't just a picture; it's a trip into another dimension.

Life without art

Pictures want to be seen. I had reached my goal.

Parerga and Paralipomena (Greek for "Appendices" and "Omissions"). Lobster’s process is both painstaking and arduous. The city is forever molting.

Bottom line: Smart pictures do everything tomorrow. Which would you prefer to live with? Birds widen our horizons.