grassroots art

Naive you are, if you believe art favours those who aren't naive.

How to keep your picture alive.

Culture is a thing for grassroots to graze on.

It is utterly bizarre that so many new pictures are being discovered on the internet.

Whatever the picture, contemporary drawings tell stories of good times and rough times. What similarities do you notice across these paintings? Art criticism is more than just a pretty face, it also has brains.

procrastination quotes in the age of the pismire

Sarcastic artworks are seen as being purely decorative rather than fine art, but whatever the picture, humor tells stories of good times and rough times.

Sarcastic comments in the age of the internet

grassroots flowers

Picture-free arguments are always unconvincing.

Art touches on a number of questions that are the focus of research today, and this is why art needs to be so free. But I have seen the light. New technology helps us recover the ancient past.

Here in Britain, there has been a change in policy with the grass beside roads, that we call verges. We have no mow May, and some areas are left to grow with a tidy border cut with a strimmer, and some areas have wildflowers planted.

grassroots art

Stealing the show, inevitably, are the three etchings by Weathering Joe. Flowery images are less on botanical science than on evoking the atmosphere of the happy hours.

A witty picture is a good idea. Wonderful article about wonderful creatures, human and non-human.