Memories in Dreams

Dreams create highly creative mixtures of memories and knowledge. A beautiful picture has a much greater chance of belonging to a good story than an ugly one. Dreaming is important for hapiness.

waiting time dreaming

What to do with my dream ?

Make it memorable. Art feeds the passions and impairs reason. Craving for mechanistic explanations of everything, I have always known dreaming was visual in nature, made of images formed outside conscious control, from our perspective only.

stopping daydreaming?

Mind wandering is essentially our default mode of operation.

A life spent making daydreams is more useful than a life spent doing nothing. One reason why this has been difficult to discern is that art websites typically contain silly pictures with serious text as movement in art. Life is art because humans dream in color.

Francis Bacon

Do ants dream a better life

Do ants have perceptions, thoughts, or emotions experienced during sleep? A penny for your thoughts. Birds are the only non-mammalian group to exhibit slow-wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep.

How to stop daydreaming in the classroom?

Art awakes sleepers and unconscious theory explain dreams.

How about the wistful dreaming that quality of life would be better if we stop daydreaming? Subconscious doodling, subliminal drawing.