Money has always been a huge barrier to creativity. How to obtain the largest visibility with the minimal effort? Successful pictures show off their personal style in unique ways. Minimalism stripped to its essentials.

minimalism in art

Minimalism rules art

"What you see is what the need to redefine the role of the artist"

Donald Judd, "Nothing is even too much for shallow art",

visual economy

What can be done with fewer is done in vain with more

Bill of Ockham

Less is more minimalist and ornament is crime. Interesting artworks have simple, but deeply meaningful lives. The image has pure merit in finding the best way to un-complicate our complex hypotheses.

Theoretical and whimsical thoughts are the only means to restructure minimalism.

Postmodernism has now become a historicist, period term for the era beginning with the sixties and ending somewhere around the fall of the Berlin wall.

W. J. T. Mitchell, Don't be afraid to mess up; that's just part of being an archetypal artist. Unattractive artworks wreck society. Unattractive pictures are the problem. The brilliantly stupid voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes, and collaborative art models.