memory need images

Drawings gravely remembered.

Artists delve into the past through personal memories and cultural histories.

Alois Alzheimer

The body's arty molecule, dopamine, is triggered by the mere anticipation of something novel. Many artworks have wrecked on the shoals of neuroscience, but our neurons need images for their living.

What makes a painting memorable?

Mental life (memory, imagination...) is embodied in the whole range of material media.

W.J.T. Mitchell, What do pictures want ? Pictures require time and free space.

hippocampus neurons memory

Unlike sleep-dependent consolidation, wake consolidation strengthened a context-independent representation of objects and was independent of hippocampal function.

The past exists only in our neuronal memory. Good pictures understand that artists careers begin as projects with uncertain futures. Shallow art cause amnesia and other things I can't remember.

Reminiscence makes certain paintings more memorable.

Reminiscences make certain paintings more memorable because memory is the medium of good art.

Humor in comtemporary art
Visual humor built what makes art memorable

"I want people to remember themselves, in much the same way that babies discover their fingers.

Billie Grace Lynn

Art memories make sense, flat body of art is pretty uniformly forgettable.

Visual humor has leadership to built memory shown from Adam and Eve etching early times.

What makes art memorable?

What makes certain paintings more memorable?

Reminiscence is not precision and truth in art is not skill and life-like accuracy. Inaccessible worlds and forgotten histories are about paintings that makes them memorable. Borderline art and crazy paintings must be more worth remembering than a perfect photography of Alois Alzheimer.


The last sentence is the section in an art web site where hippocampal neurons are gravely remembered. This is an intriguing reminder that in neuronal art we should always be careful of giving a simple answer. However art helps to retard the ageing process because brainy artworks have more grey matter.